Avio Aero Turbomachinery Use Case

The challenge of Avio Aero is to develop new technologies enabling to design and produce aeronautical components and modules for next generation greener and quieter engines. Identified tasks will focus on multistage Low Pressure turbine modules simulation, where accurate prediction of flow physics has been and is nowadays the subject of intensive research to achieve better engines’ efficiency, stability and operability. By leveraging Lexis Technology, we intend to obtain a marked step-change: less time consuming HW/SW coupling, opening the doors to the “real time” design approach. Furthermore, the big data produced as a result will require proper solutions to be put in place for quick data access, management and post-pro.

3D view of LP turbine rows and Exit Guide Vanes 2D blade-to-blade view of turbine airfoils: evolving wakes Tangential pressure contour at turbine EGV exit

Avio Aero Rotating parts Use Case

 This R&D project aims to develop enablers supporting the digital (r)evolution being applied to design and development of Gearboxes that are key products of Avio Aero business. The aim is to investigate CFD capabilities applied to simulate mechanical parts rotating in presence of air and oil. Nowadays, this kind of simulation is at the leading edge of numerical technology. Large computing time is deemed. Hence advanced HW solutions are envisaged: new infrastructure, big data extensive treatment will open new scenery to mechanical parts design and optimization, vital for assuring next generation engines’ performance and reliability.

Engineering will work on solver set-up, modelling and supporting the LEXIS infrastructure development program.

Gearboxes is a key Avio Aero product Lubricated Research test article to be simulated in Lexis Project Oil jets impinging on the tooth crest of a GBX

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