Weather and Climate

The Weather & Climate Use Case focuses on a complex system, to provide a diverse set of forecasts: weather, flood, fire, energy, air pollution.

  • this system will exploit Copernicus and GEOSS data services,
  • supplemented and complemented by global and local in-situ unstructured observations
  • data will be filtered and pre-processed before assimilation to ensure quality
  • each layer in the use case will produce large data set of forecast data (from 100+TB global weather models, to MB at the decision maker level)
  • both the assimilated data (inputs) and data produced by each layer (outputs) will be made available through a cloud-based Weather and Climate Data API (WCDA).
  • between layers (model chains)
  • for further analysis and industrial exploitation

The system will be applied to several test cases, such as renewable energy forecast and urban air quality in cities forecast, spanning all the available forecasts, to fine tune the system and demonstrate the innovative value.

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