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The Aeronautics Pilot comprised of two different use cases. 

Avio Aero Turbomachinery Use Case

The first one, Turbomachinery use case, has been focused on accelerating simulations of designed components. The code was rewritten to leverage modern hardware GPU accelerators which led to 21.4x speed up of the computation in comparison to the original computation time. Additionally, a check-pointing mechanism was implemented which saves the state during the computation and restarts the computation at that point in case of system failure. Another feature made available for this use case was simple user-friendly visualisation of the progress through the LEXIS Portal during the computation.

3D LP turbine rows and exit guide vanes; HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

3D view of LP turbine rows and Exit Guide Vanes

2D blade-to-blade view of turbine airfoils: evolving wakes; HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

2D blade-to-blade view of turbine airfoils: evolving wakes

Tangential pressure contour at turbine EGV exit; HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

Tangential pressure contour at turbine EGV exit

Avio Aero Rotating parts Use Case

The second use case, focused on Rotating Parts, has concentrated on the implementation of a new methodology for the simulation of the advanced hydrodynamics in the complex geometries under turbulent motion. This allows for the definition of the proper accuracy of the simulation and minimisation of the required computing time. Also, the computationally intensive preprocessing phase was included in the LEXIS workflow, making it possible to run the whole computation at once from the LEXIS Portal.

Gearboxes; HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

Gearboxes is a key Avio Aero product

HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

Lubricated Research test article to be simulated in Lexis Project

Oil jets impinging on the tooth crest of a GBX; HPC; Aerospace engineering; Aeronautics

Oil jets impinging on the tooth crest of a GBX

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