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The Aeronautics Large-scale Pilot lead by Avio Aero company in LEXIS is aimed to boost and promote a step change in the numerical …

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Weather and Climate

Within the context of Copernicus Services, the Weather & Climate pilot will increase the timeliness and quality of prediction and analyses.

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Earthquake and Tsunami

Earthquake and tsunami. Provide near real-time earthquake and tsunami damage/loss assessments and estimate of the tsunami …

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LEXIS (Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society) project aims to build an advanced...

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LEXIS consortium collaborates with important organisations focused on all the aspects...

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LEXIS consortium collaborates with important organisations focused on all the aspects concerning...

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High Performance Computing (HPC) domain is representative of the set of hardware and software technologies enabling other scientific domains to get new insights of ever complex...

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What is open call?

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How to apply?

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Infrastructure Layer

The LEXIS infrastructure federates three European HPC centers and scientific and data providers, respectively IT4I (CZ), LRZ (DE) and...

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Data Management Layer

The LEXIS Data Management layer, built on top of the infrastructure layer, will connect the participating HPC and HPDA sites together.

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Orchestration Layer

The orchestration layer is responsible for dispatching workflows’ tasks and jobs within the LEXIS infrastructural layer. To this end...

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WP4 Orchestration and Secure Cloud/ HPC Services Provisioning

The “Orchestration and Secure Cloud/HPC Services Provisioning” focuses on the integration of a set of technologies aimed at orchestrating the execution of application workflows, by leveraging on the both HPC and Cloud infrastructural resources available on IT4Innovations and LRZ supercomputing centres. Key aspects of the LEXIS orchestration system are: i) ensuring the users will access the infrastructure resources and data they are allowed to, by integrating a complete authentication and authorization solution; ii) dynamically managing the execution of workflows‘ tasks in a federated environment (i.e., using IT4Innovations and LRZ resources), also through data-locality aware policies;  iii) monitoring the execution of the workflows’ tasks and resources. and generates per user billing information.


  • D4.1 – O24 – Analysis of mechanisms for securing federated infrastructure
  • D4.2 – Atos – Design and implementation of the HPC-federated orchestration system – intermediate
  • D4.3 – LINKS – Definition of data access priority, analytics policies and security assessment
  • D4.4 – IT4I – Definition of workload management policies in federated Cloud/ HPC environments
  • D4.5 – O24 – Definition of mechanisms for securing federated infrastructures
  • D4.6 – Atos– Design and implementation of the HPC-federated orchestration system – final
  • D4.7 – O24 – Centralized AAI: Coverage of all significant Systems

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