Our LEXIS Platform was presented at EuroHPC Summit Week 2023 in Göteborg.


LEXIS Platform at the EuroHPC Summit 2023 in EuroHPC Demo Lab

Author: katerina.slaninova
Date: 28.03.2023

The EuroHPC Summit is considered one of the most important conferences in Europe. The EuroHPC Summit 2023 took place 20-23 March 2023 in Gothenburg, and this year´s theme was “European Supercomputing Excellence in the Exascale Era”. The conference was organised by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and gathered more than 500 experts. IT4Innovations participated in this international HPC event and took the opportunity to introduce the LEXIS Platform.

The EuroHPC Summit gathers key European HPC community, including providers, scientific and industrial users, and policymakers, and it has been held annually since 2016. The Summit is an important moment to inform about the latest achievements and opportunities in the European supercomputing ecosystem. This year´s event was filled with speeches, discussions, parallel sessions, and project presentations, but it also gave opportunities to discuss and reflect on the current and future challenges in HPC. Four days conference provided also a great opportunity for attendees to network and connect with the European HPC community.

Jan Martinovič and Martin Golasowski from IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center also participated in the EuroHPC Summit 2023. Together with the EUMAster4HPC programme, students welcomed the visitors of the summit to the EuroHPC Demo Lab. They offered attendees live showcases of the Karolina supercomputer and presented the LEXIS Platform.

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